International Consumer Association Info

North America

American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI)

National Consumers League (NCL), U.S.A

Federal Trade Commission
(FTC), U.S.A

United States Consumer Product
Safety Commission (CPSC)

Consumers Union Of U.S.A

Consumer Federation of America

Office of Consumer Affairs
(OCA), Canada

Latin America And Caribbean

Peruvian Association
of Consumers and Users (ASPEC)

The Procon-Sao Paulo Foundation

Alconsumidor, Civil Association,

Consumer Affairs Commission,

National Consumers’ League (NCL),

National Association of Consumers and Users
of Chile (CONADECUS)

Consumers Union of Argentina

League for Consumer Defence
of Uruguay (LIUDECO)

Citizen Observatory Utilities

Ambio Foundation, Costa Rica


Consumers International

Consumer and Public Interest Unit
(BSI), United Kingdom

Consumer Rights Association

The European Consumer
Organisation (BEUC)

Consumer Association of Iceland

Association of Consumers and Users
(ACU), Italy

Bulgarian National Consumer Association

Consumers’ Association New INKA

Consumers’ Association of Malta

Consumers Organisation of
Macedonia (COM)

Croatian Association for
Consumer Protection (CACP)

Cyprus Consumers’ Association

Romanian Association for
Consumers’ Protection (APC)

The Portuguese Association for
Consumer Protection (DECO)

Consumers Defence Association of
the Czech Republic (SOS)

The Swedish Consumers’ Association

Slovene Consumer’s Association

Association of Polish Consumers

Association of Slovak Consumers

Israel Consumer Council (ICC)

Spain Confederation of
Consumers and Users (CECU)

Consumentenbond (Council), Netherlands

Consumer Rights Protection Centre of
Republic of Latvia (CRPC)

The Consumers’ Union of Finland

Danish Consumer Council

Federation of German Consumer Organisations

Consumers Association of Austria

Rospotrebnadzor, Russia

Federal Union Of Consumers
(UFC Que Choisir ), France

Consumers’ association of Ireland

Consumer Council of Norway

Federal Consumer Affairs Bureau
(FCAB), Switzerland

Central Asia & Middle East

Consumer Protection Association (CPA),
Saudi Arabia

Organization for the Protection of
Consumers and Producers (OPCP), Iran

Yemen Association for
Consumer Protection (YACP)

Oman Association for Consumer
Protection (OACP)

National Society For Consumer Protection
(NSCP), Jordan

Central Egyptian Society for
Consumer Protection (CESCP)

Consumers Lebanon
(Jamyat Almoustahlk), Loubnan

Consumers’ Union of Tajikistan

Kuwait Consumer Protection Society

Consumer Protection Department, Qatar


Consumer Defence Association
(ADECO), Cape Verde

Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ)

Consumer Protection Association of the Gambia

Uganda Consumers Protection
Association (UCPA)

Zambia Consumer Association

Consumer Protection Council
of Nigeria (CPC)

The Consumers Federation
of Kenya (COFEK)

National Consumer Forum (NCF),
South Africa

Association for the Defence of
Consumers and the Environment (ADEC)

Asia Pacific

Australian Consumers’ Association

Consumers Association of
Bangladesh (CAB)

Consumers Association of Singapore

China Consumers’ Association

Macau Consumer Council

Research Centre for the Policy and
Law on Global Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Committee
of Taiwan

Consumers Association of India

Consumer Coordination Council (CCC)

Consumer Council of Fiji (CCF)

Federation of Malaysian
Consumers Associations (Council)

Consumers Association of Penang

National Consumer Complaints Centre
(NCCC), Malaysia

Malaysian Consumers Protection
Association (PPPM)

Consumers Union of Japan (CUJ)

Consumers Union of Korea (CUK)

Vietnam Standards and Consumers
Association (VINASTAS)

Consumers Association from Indonesia

Consumer Rights and Services
Organization (CRSO), Afghanistan

Consumer Affairs Authority

Hong Kong Consumer Council

Consumer NZ

The Consumers Union of the Philippines

Office of the Consumer Protection
Board of Thailand

The Network for Consumer Protection
in Pakistan

The Institute of Standards of Cambodia

Authority for Fair Competition and
Consumer Protection, Mongolia

Department of Economic Planning and Development
(JPKE), Brunei

Department of the Commerce and
Consumer Affairs, Myanmar

Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Laos

Forum for Protection of Public Interest

Socio Economic Welfare Action for
Women and Children(SEWA), Nepal

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International Consumer Association Info

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