Consumers’ Union of Tajikistan (CU)

The Consumers’ Union of Tajikistan was formed in the year 2002. It is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation created by experts in the areas of consumer rights, the economy and the justice system. Its main purposes are to protect consumers’ rights and act in the interest of consumers and to build a fair and competitive market of goods and services in Tajikistan.

The activity of Consumers Union in the given sphere has two basic directions:

  • De-monopolization of public utilities system and providing of address social help.
  • Development and promoting of market models of mutual relation of the consumers with the suppliers of the basic household services.

CU has unique educational programs for awareness raising workshops for population, as well as for high schools and universities of Tajikistan. CU has developed school program “Basics of consumer knowledge” and has successfully approved it in 20 schools of Tajikistan

Office 501, Rudaki Avenue 137,
Dushanbe 734002,

Tel: +992 (37) 224 14 11 / +992 (93) 577 88 64
Fax: +992 (37) 224 14 04