Federal Union Of Consumers (UFC Que Choisir ), France

UFC Que Choisir (official name: Union fédérale des consommateurs, “federal union of consumers”) is a French consumers group. There are 160 local groups of UFC Que Choisir in France. Established in 1951,

UFC-Que Choisir is a not-for-profit organisation with a nation-wide network of nearly 170 local organisations that handles more than 100,000 consumer complaints a year.

UFC Que Choisir defends the rights of consumers in litigation against corporations, and pushes for public policies reinforcing the rights of consumers. Through its monthly publication, the high-profile magazine ‘Que Choisir’ and its wide readership in excess of 500,000 individual subscribers,

UFC-Que Choisir (“What to Choose”) carries out in-depth research and test comparison for a range of goods and services. The three pillars of the UFC-Que Choisir are: Independence, democracy and solidarity.

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