Central Egyptian Society for Consumer Protection (CESCP)

CESCP was established in 1994 to promote the rights of the Egyptian consumers through public education, awareness and empowerment. The Association’s objectives are to assist the Egyptian consumer to get their rights in regard to:

  • Being offered quality products that are free of any defects and/or products that do not conform to the health and legal standard.
  • The right of acquiring products through a free market that is not being controlled by monopolies.
  • The right to have all product information without any withholding or forgery.
  • The right to legally persecute and have an effective implementation of statutes concerning consumer violations in products and/or services.

CESCP is further conducting a nation-wide consumer rights awareness and education campaign and is offering assistance to consumers that have questions or complaints about product safety and quality.

328 Al-Sudan Street,
Eskan Al Arays Giza,

Tel: +20 02 3304 0112 / +20 02 3760 4589
Fax: +20 02 3304 0112