Consumer Defence Association (ADECO), Cape Verde

Consumer Defence Association (ADECO) is the only consumer organisation active in the Republic of Cape Verde Islands. ADECO was founded in 1998 as a local consumer organisation. It became a national consumer organisation in 2004. Today, ADECO has more than 1,300 individual members. Its head quarter is in Mindelo, St. Vincent Island but ADECO has local offices in several islands as well as representations in countries where there is a significant Cape Verdean diaspora.

Since 2004, ADECO’s growth has been exponential in terms of members, revenues, activities implemented and level of public recognition. Its main activities are related to consumer education and lobbying, promotion of participatory citizenship and solidarity.

ADECO’s campaigns for 2006 and 2007 are:
electricity and water tariffs, quality and access, fuel prices, telecommunications (phone and internet) cost and quality, alcohol and tobacco promotion and its impact on health, unethical drug promotion, air and maritime traveller’s rights, emigrants right to vote in local elections.

C. P. 330, Av. Alberto Leite,
No. 11, San Vicente 2110,
Cape Verde

Tel: +238 232 7033
Fax: +238 231 9052