The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO)

Established in 1974, DECO is the largest consumer protection association in Portugal, with 278,453 members and a technical staff of 183 employees. It is based in Lisbon and has six regional offices in different parts of the country. Its main activity is to provide support and education, and represent and defend the rights and legitimate interests of consumers.
DECO, the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection, is an independent non-profit association with charity status. It is the largest consumer association in Portugal and possesses a ‘Public Utility’ status. Its main activities are:

  • Consumer information which it does by publishing test magazines and others publications such as guides and brochures of interest to consumers.
  • Consumer’s advice and support.
  • Alternative dispute resolution.
  • Consumer education in schools.
  • Professional training in consumer law.
  • Consumer representation and advocacy and lobbying.

rua Artilharia Um, 79-4
PT – 1269-160 Lisboa

Tel: +351 21 371 0213 / +351 21 371 0200
Fax: +351 21 371 0299