The Consumers Union of the Philippines (CUP)

The Consumers Union of the Philippines (CUP) is a union of the consumers throughout the country for mutual benefits. Its primary objective then till now, is to educate the people of their consumer rights, protect their welfare in an aggressive and competitive industry and provide legal advice and assistance to those consumers victimized by unscrupulous businessmen and unfair trade practices. Existing for more than four decades now, today, CUP is one of the biggest and premier consumer organizations in the country duly recognized by the government, business sector, civic and religious groups and consumers from all walks of life.

To help and protect the consumers from all forms of unfair trade practices. the cup promotes awareness and vigilance to consumers by way of disseminating updated consumer guides and information materials. The CUP also helps consumers seek redress in case of anomalous buyer-seller transaction.

2409 Syquia St, Bgy 873,
Zone 096 Sta Ana,
Manila, Philippines.

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