Consumer Protection Association of the Gambia (CPAG)

The Consumer Protection Association of The Gambia (CPAG) was created in July 2004 as the Gambia’s first consumer organisation at national level, dedicated to promote and safeguard the interests and rights of Gambian consumers.

CPAG strives to become the premier advocate and voice for Gambian consumers, and its main activities include carrying out consumer education, awareness and advocacy projects. It also conducts relevant research on consumer issues, and provides advisory services to consumers whose rights have been infringed.

CPAG is a major stakeholder in implementing the Gambia’s current Food Law. It is currently implementing a project to ensure the enactment of effective consumer protection laws and regulations for The Gambia.

CPAG’s major campaigns for 2007-2008 are: safe use of drugs, food safety, sustainable consumption, fair trade & ethical marketing, and road safety.

c/o P O Box 2174,

Tel: +220 779 5711 / +220 992 0616
Fax: +220 449 6874