Consumers’ Association of Malta

Consumers’ Association of Malta was set up on 3rd April 1982. It is the only consumers’ association on the Island. It is recognised under the Consumers’ Affairs Act of 1994. Previously it was recognised under the Consumers’ Act of 1981.

It is a voluntary organisation and has a democratic structure in the sense that all officials are elected annually directly from the membership. It is financed solely by membership fees. The membership fee is nominal (€5 yearly) as they try to cater for those with low education, pensioners and those with special needs. They do not receive any assistance from the government.

They try to reach consumers through their website and also through the media by participating on local radio talk shows and other programmes of general interest. On one radio station, they have a half an hour programme every fortnight.

47A, South Street,

Tel: +356 2123 9091
Fax: +356 2122 1210