About WCA

The establishment of the Worldwide Consumers’ Association, is to awaken consumers’ right and awareness, enhancing consumers’ self-protection capability, being consumers’ reference guidelines, handling complaints, reducing or limiting consumers’ losses from unfair treatment, taking actions on malfeasance companies etc.

The WCA plays a role of consumers’ disputes arbitration, and assists local governments in promoting legal constitution to protect the rights and interests of consumers’.

For this reason, we are always cautious and conscientious, and we had made remarkable achievements in the past in several countries. However, we should better recognize that currently the inferior and counterfeited products are still overflown in the markets.

With the rapid development of world’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, consumers’ experiences and knowledge of self-protection is gradually increase, and consumers’ are demanding a greater consumers’ protection environment. Therefore, Worldwide Consumers’ Association plays a more pivot role in the world.

We built organization and gained experience in several countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, India, China, the US, Germany and Japan, which have well-developed economy and sound legal systems, and continually improving and promoting a firm consumers’ constitution and regulations, and actively built a harmonious, strong protective international consumers’ organization.

We look forward to your participation, and together make this world a better place in which to live.

About WCA


1. Aims to protect the members and maintain a good quality of consumers’ practice in worldwide. 2. To assists national consumers’ in knowing and understanding their rights.  […]


To unite world consumers’ and to create an international fair trade environment.[…]


Responsibility to protect and enhance the universal consumer’s rights and self-protection capabilities and Implementation of the international fair trade principles.[…]


1) Accelerating Consumer Awareness/Educating Consumers 2) Filing Suit on Behalf of Consumers 3)Organizing Protests against Adulteration etc .: […]