Association of Slovak Consumers

The Association of Consumer Organisations in Slovakia was formed in 1999 and consists ofnine member associations and 19 consumer school clubs. Its main activities are consumer information and education with a particular focus on young consumers. Financial services, sustainable consumption and energy regulation will mobilise ACOS’ campaign and policy resources in 2007.

The main aim of the association´s activities is to help the citizens to protect their consumer rights and interests. The association advises consumers how to claim their citizen rights, which are accepted by the United Nations Organisation as the international consumer rights.

They cover a wide range of consumer concerns from food, consumer goods, utilities, telecommunication and patient-rights to travel, passenger rights, and products safety.

During 2011 they facilitated about 220 out-of-court solutions for consumer complaints by using Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Palisádi 22
SK-81106 Bratislava

Tel: +421 905 719 874 / +421 254 411 148
Fax: +421 254 411 148