Consumers Association of India (CAI)

Consumers Association of India (CAI) is a membership-based organisation with 8,000 registered members all over India. Its main objectives are:

  • Spreading consumer awareness.
  • Empowering consumers and teaching them their responsibilities and rights as consumers.

CAI regularly conducts seminars, workshops and training programmes and publishes various consumer guides on a variety of topics, which are of interest to consumers. A new division of CAI was established in March 2007 to help consumers affected by cyber crimes in collaboration with Cyber Society of India. CAI has also set up a mini drug lab to test spurious drugs in association with its sister organisation, CONCERT.

CAI takes up complaints received from consumers about the deficiencies in products and services with the concerned organizations for redress of their grievances.

3/242, Rajendra Garden,
Chennai – 600 115.

Tel: +91 44 2449 4575 / +91 44 2449 4574
Fax: +91 44 2449 2140