Consumers Association from Indonesia (YLKI)

Established in 1973, Consumers Association from Indonesia (YLKI) is the first and the largest consumer organisation in Indonesia. YKLI’s main activities are: handling of consumer complaints, research, education, publication and providing data and information. Consumer issues handled by YLKI vary from public utilities (electricity, water, telecommunication), to rights to basic needs such as housing, banking, health, food safety and education. Nowadays, issues relating to liberalisation have become increasingly important with an impact on almost all public sectors and on consumers’ access.

Fair community layout and consumers dare to fight for their rights individually and in groups.


  • To supervise and act as consumer defender.
  • Facilitate the formation of consumer groups Encouraging community involvement as a public policy supervisor.
  • Anticipating global policies that impact on consumers.

Jalan Pancoran Barat VII/1,
Durentiga – Jakarta Selatan 12760,

Tel: +62 21 798 1858 / +62 21 798 1859
Fax: +62 21 798 1038