Israel Consumer Council (ICC)

The largest consumer organization in Israel is Israel Consumer Council. It is a statutory, non-profit corporation which works to defend consumers and protect their rights, by handling complaints, seeking solutions to wrongs done to consumers. The council’s main fields of activity include enforcement and deterrence, promotion of consumer rights, publicity and education.

Following are the goals of the Council as set out in its protocol:
A. To protect consumer rights and respond to individual consumer complaints.
B. To improve consumer protection in the following areas:

  • Ensure a reasonable level of quality for durable goods.
  • Improve the marketing of goods and services including delivery and their compatibility to consumer usage.
  • Prevent consumer fraud and unfair terms in the conditions of sale or lease of goods and services.

C. To inspect the quality of goods and services.
D. To organize lectures and publish information which will serve the goals of the Council.
E. To participate in international consumer organizations.

35 King George Street, Tel Aviv, 63295.

Tel: +972-3-62-47-380
Fax: +972-3-62-41-035