Consumer Protection Association (CPA), Saudi Arabia

Consumer Protection Association aims at protecting the consumer’s interests; safeguarding and defending consumer rights; representing consumer before public and private bodies; protecting consumer against all kinds of adulteration, counterfeit, fraud, deceit, falsification and exaggerated prices; and promote consumer awareness and rationalized consumption.

In order to achieve its objectives, CPA has undertake the following :

  • Receive consumer complaints relating to fraud and counterfeiting in goods or services and the exaggeration in their prices, and misinformation through advertisements. Submit them to the competent authorities and follow up.
  • Preparation of studies/research and publish the results to protect the consumer.
  • Raise consumer awareness in ways to rationalize consumption and provide consumer with the necessary information and consultation.
  • Suggests regulations related to consumer protection and development.
  • Representing consumer in committees, local and international bodies related to consumer protection, cooperate with and participate in activities related to its objectives.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tel: +966-1-44-80-550
Fax: +966-1-44-87-572