Alconsumidor, Civil Association, Mexico

ALCONSUMIDOR, A.C. is Mexico’s first independent, non-profit, advocacy organization, devoted to advising, informing and empowering consumers and users of goods and services in the marketplace.

They attempt to represent cunsumer and the public interest in claims before Mexican authorities and the private sector. Since its inception in 2006, ALCONSUMIDOR, along with others, has catapulted consumer issues to the forefront of public policy debates regarding consumer rights as well as issues in need of imminent reform, in fact, they were instrumental in organizing and leading a national initiative to amend the Mexican Constitution to allow the filing of class actions, which came into effect March 1, 2012. After six years of efforts they have been successful in putting consumer issues in the national agenda, allure media into doing research and reports on consumer rights and abuses.

Currently their work is focused on the financial, telecommunications and energy sectors.

Calle Montecito #38, Piso 28,
Despacho 12, Col. Nápoles
México, D.F. C.P. 03810

Tel: (+52) 55 5257-4347