Organization for the Protection of Consumers and Producers (OPCP), Iran

OPCP is affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce.

The main functions of OPCP are:

  • Protecting and promoting domestic production.
  • Protecting consumers against unusual price fluctuations.
  • Monitoring, adjusting and controlling the price of products and services.

OPCP responsible to:

  • Implement legislations governing protection of consumer rights.
  • Combat commercial fraud.
  • Protect competitiveness.
  • Prevent monopoly practices.

Its obligations include subsidies of basic commodities, and receive a margin for subsidizing certain goods.

Consumers’ rights in brief include:

  • The right of being informed by complete and reliable information.
  • The right of choosing.
  • The right of enjoying safety.
  • The right of being supported by government.

Avenue Valieasr No.492, Tehran

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Fax: +98 (21) 890 3945