Consumer Affairs Commission, Jamaica

Established in 1990 to succeed the Price Commission founded in 1970, The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is a government agency established to inform, educate and empower consumers to protect themselves in the marketplace, an Agency of the Government of Jamaica is dedicated to protecting the interests of consumers. This is achieved through: Consumer Education Programmes; Complaints Resolution Service; Corporate Services and Affiliations. It sees it its mission to ‘enlighten the Jamaican consumer through education so that he/she can cope in a changing global environment’. The CAC is easily accessible with offices in Kingston and Montego Bay.

The work of the Commission is three pronged:
engaging in market research, providing complaint resolution services and run a vibrant consumer education programme. All the services provided by the Commission are free as the organization is fully funded by Government.

The CAC operates under the Trade Act of 1955 and the Consumer Protection Act of 2005.

34 Trafalgar Road Kingston 10,
JAMAICA Kingston,

Tel: (876) 906 5425 / (876) 906 8568
Fax: (876) 946 9214