Consumer Protection Department, Qatar

Consumer Protection Department is responsible to:

  • Implement legislations governing protection of consumer rights, combat commercial fraud, protect competitiveness and prevent monopoly practices.
  • Take necessary measures and arrangements to protect the consumer as per the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Take necessary measures and arrangements to combat commercial fraud.
  • Co-ordinate and co-operate with consumer protection associations and civil society organizations involved in fields of consumer protection and education.
  • Monitor prices of commodities, services and materials in local markets, and prepare the necessary reports stating price trends locally and internationally.
  • Issue licenses required for promotional sales and discounts.
  • Take measures related to inspection and analysis to ensure full compliance with the standard specifications of commodities and goods offered in local markets to protect consumer’s basic needs against commercial fraud.

1968 – Doha,

Tel: (+974) 4012 2222
Fax: (+974) 4417 3448