Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA)

Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) was established in the year 2000. It is a leading consumer advocacy voice in Zambia. ZACA’s main activities are complaints handling and campaigning. Its campaign areas are Fair Trade (Checking for product weights) and Health (Tobacco control and Chemical Safety).


  • To monitor and raise vital consumer issues.
  • Focus on the consumption of goods and services, their motives and consequences and consumers’ potential to positively influence them.
  • Inform, generate opinion and coordinate campaigns.
  • Work to increase consumer’s influence on the market place.
  • Defend consumer interests by ensuring that applying competition rules results in better quality and choice and lower prices of goods and services.

Suite 91, 2ND Floor, AFCOM House Building,
Corner Obote / Zambia Way Avenue,
P.O. BOX 21641, Kitwe

Tel: +260 222 4193 / +260 222 4289
Fax: +260 222 4193