1. Aims to protect the members and maintain a good quality of consumers’ practice in worldwide.
    • Caring out consumers’ education programmes to continuously maintain the stability and consistency in the world marketplace.
    • The Bureau encourages consumers’ to be actively involved in using their rights and power to attain justice in the marketplace.
    • The Bureau also encourages consumers’ to be more proactive in protecting themselves from irresponsible entrepreneurs and dealers.
  2. To assists national consumers’ in knowing and understanding their rights, eg.,
    i) the rights to attain basic needs and necessities;
    ii) the rights to attain safety and protection;
    iii) the rights to receive information;
    iv) the rights to choose;
    v) the rights to express;
    vi) the rights to receive refunds;
    vii) the rights to obtain free consumer education;
    viii) the rights to live in a healthy and safe environment.
  3. Assist and actively promote national consumers’ organizations and government efforts to do a good job protecting the interests of consumers in the world.
    • The promotion of consumers’ services by comparing the test of international cooperation.
    • To promote consumers’ information, consumers’ education, and various other aspects of the protection of consumers’ international cooperation.
    • Collect, exchange of national consumers’ protection regulations and practices.
    • To discuss issues related to the interests of consumers’ solutions to provide a forum for groups of countries.
    • The publication of information on consumers’ information.
    • Maintain effective liaison with the United Nation agencies and other international organizations, in the role play to represent consumers’ interests in the international context, by United Nations agencies and other practical way of developing countries on the development of consumers’ education and protection plans, giving all practical assistance and encouragement.
  4. Protect the safety, the responsibility of Internet sales.
    • Internet sales platform must bear all the problems of Internet sales transactions.
    • User rights on the internet business, protecting the safety and health damage caused by false advertising to consumers’.
    • To enforce the law and practice of the need for Internet transactions.
  5. Set up a small committee or group responsible for monitoring the goods of education, development, law, medicine, and other activities.
    • Asia-Pacific Advisory Commission established to provide specialized information sources, collect and disseminate information on the important of consumers’ legislation, technology and education.
    • Organizing a committee for the Asia Pacific region to develop economic and social development plan, incomplete label, dangerous drugs, poisons pests and monitoring issues such as baby food to the third world.
  6. To give world recognize awards and appreciation in the forms of certificates or medals to any company or manufacturer that conducts and provides a good service to the consumers’.

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1. Aims to protect the members and maintain a good quality of consumers’ practice in worldwide. 2. To assists national consumers’ in knowing and understanding their rights.  […]


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