Federal Consumer Affairs Bureau (FCAB), Switzerland

The Federal Consumer Affairs Bureau (FCAB) is responsible for consumer issues in the context of the general economic policy. It is affiliated to the General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs.

Its task is to take into account the general interest regarding consumption by weighing the specific collective interests of consumers and the general interests of the economy and by seeking a constructive dialogue with the various departments of the administration.

The Bureau contributes to the elaboration and the implementation of laws and ordinances in the area of consumption. It also fosters a constructive dialogue between the Federal Administration and other relevant stakeholders.

FCAB maintains a consumer hotline which provides consumers with information and advice. FCAB responds to questions where it is competent or forwards the questions towards the competent authorities and ensures follow-up.

Einsteinstrasse 2,
3003 Bern,


Tel: +41 58 462 2000
Fax: +41 58 462 4370