The Procon-Sao Paulo Foundation

Established in September 1996, The Procon-SP Foundation is a civil association nationwide, multidisciplinary, non-profit institution linked to the Department of Justice and Defense of Citizenship of the State of São Paulo and has legal personality under public law with technical autonomy, administrative and financial.

The Procon-SP’s main mission is to balance and harmonize relations between consumers and suppliers. With the objective to develop and implement security and defense policy of consumers in Brazil. It has the support of a multidisciplinary technical group that develops activities in various areas.

The Foundation is the pioneer public entity in defense of the consumer in Brazil is considered synonymous with respect for the citizen’s rights protection. The outcome of this work are harvested every step taken towards balance and harmonization of consumer relations, and the relentless pursuit, including through the services offered by the institution, to improve the quality of life of the population and to facilitate the exercise of citizenship.

Rua Barra Funda, 930 – Barra Funda,
São Paulo – SP, 01152-000,