Consumer Coordination Council (CCC)

Established in 1993, The Consumer Co-ordination Council is the national level apex body for all consumer organisations in India. It has 2,500 members spread all over India and 56 member organisations.

CCC provides information and analysis of consumer related laws and judgements. It seeks to enforce Citizen Charters and focus its advocacy on policymakers, legal professionals, consumer activists and manufacturing companies. It has developed national information gathering mechanisms on consumer related issues including an online redress system using online database / portal and providing online support to consumers. CCC is a member of several policy-making bodies and law-making organisations. It also sits on various advisory committees of the Indian government.

CCC to be the most trusted and visible national body of Indian Consumers and to be able to take up all issues affecting consumers interests in urban and rural areas of India.

12-A Jam Nagar House
New Delhi 110011

Tel: +91 0120 423 5447 / 011 2307 1167 68
Fax: +91 0120 240 4273