National Consumer Forum (NCF), South Africa

The National Consumer Forum (NCF) is an individual membership, non-profit and autonomous organization that is dedicated to the protection and promotion of consumer rights and interests in South Africa.

The NCF asserts the right of all consumers to a wholesome environment, a fundamental quality of life, good quality in the goods and services provided by the private and public sectors alike.

Consumer education also plays an important role in the work of the NCF with regular slots on national TV and Radio.

The NCF aims to:

  • Monitor and raise vital consumer issues.
  • Focus on the consumption of goods and services, their motives and consequences, and the consumers’ potential to positively influence them.
  • Inform, generate opinion and coordinate campaigns.
  • Work to increase consumers’ influence on the market place.

P O Box 4487
Halfway House 1685
South Africa

Tel: +27 12 403 7071
Fax: +27 12 428 7284