Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection, Mongolia

The Unfair Competition Regulatory Authority (UCRA) was formally established in 2005.

In the end of 2008, the name was changed into “Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection (AFCCP)” as Consumer protection issues added to UCRA’s functions.

AFCCP enforces Competition Law, Consumer Protection Law and Advertisement Law.

To be reputable organization by earning the trust of the business organizations and the consumers with the support of Government and high skilled and dedicated civil servants.

By creating healthy competitive enviroment and implementing consumer protection policy, their mission is the to support sustainable economic growth and shape healthy market.

Chingeltei District, J. Sambuu street,
Government Building XI, 9th Floor,
Ulaanbaatar 15141 , Mongolia

Tel: +976 51 26 3225
Fax: +976 11 32 0041