WORLD CONSUMERS’ TRUSTY BRAND AWARD is open to organizations or personnel all over the world and of any sizes. Our organization (WCA) will recognize and promote business excellence and considered the most distinguished awards for business excellence in the world. With the World Consumers’ Trusty Brand Award, we also offer recipients the opportunity to further explore their exclusive status, with a variety of sales & services initiatives throughout the world.


Building a trusted and reliant rapport between prominent brands and consumers, making a harmony society and a better world.


Casting about trustful and predominant corporate, brands or individuals on a global scale, providing worldwide consumers a useful guidance and pragmatic skills and confidence.


With the increasing number of inferior and counterfeit products/services in the world, worldwide consumers have been suering from the malfeasance companies providing tinpot goods and services, hence achieving esteemed mark of trust and prestige is certainly a signicant milestone in the branding journey of any company. e establishment of WCTBA is to awaken consumers’ rights and awareness, building a worldwide recognition of prominent and reliant brand.


e purpose is helping consumers around the world to make better purchase decisions. Based on research conducted by Committees of Worldwide Consumers’ Association, there are over 50,000 peoples have reviewed their customer satisfaction. Make to recognize excellence and outstanding products and services within their respective industry.


e purpose of World Consumers’ Trusty Brand Award is to build a worldwide recognition system of prominent and reliant brands and organization, helping consumers around the world to make better purchase decisions. The verification  procedure is based on a huge consumers research conducted by Committees of Worldwide Consumers’ Association on consumers surveys and stratication records.

Benefits of Brand Award Winners

The internationally recognized consumer trusty award can help empower your brand. There are many benefits for the winner. The best way to demonstrate the integrity of your spirit is to let the world know that consumers prefer yours over other brands.

  1. High quality crystal winner trophy.
  2. Gold platted Award’s certificate (297 X 420mm) with high quality framed.
  3. Award winner logo’s in use on Worldwide Consumers’ Association official website.
  4. Purchase additional trophy and certificate at the reduce cost of RM XXX.
  5. Colour Full page of corporate advertising in WCA magazine.
  6. Marketing opportunities to global market.
  7. Distribution and Recognition of your organization to the world.
  8. Thee most cost effective internationally recognized spirit award.
  9. Press Releases to all the award winners.

What keeps consumers satisfied?

Customer satisfaction measures how well the expectations of a customer concerning a product or service provided by organization have been met. Customer satisfaction is an abstract concept and involves such factors as the quality of the product, the quality of service provided, the atmosphere of the location where the product or service is purchased, and the price of the product or service. Businesses often use customer satisfaction surveys to gauge customer satisfaction. Typical areas addressed in the surveys include:

  • Quality & Good value
    is is where price factors in. But consumers surveyed see price as only one component of the bigger picture of “value” that includes the service, information and follow-up they also receive.
  • Friendly people
    Customers not only want product-savvy sales people, they want them to be friendly and courteous. Staff should value each customer more than any individual sale.
  • Knowledgeable and available staff
    While a customer is making the buying decision, they want knowledgeable assistance, available when they want it . Customers place a high value on accurate information and want to be served by employees who know the product inside and out.
  • Convenience
    e service rule here is simple: make it easy! Says Gross, “Customers want merchandise that is well organized, attractively displayed and easy to find. at’s how today’s customers define convenience, and the easier you can make the shopping, the more money you will be lugging to the bank.”
  • Customers Loyalty
    Customers satisfaction will lead to loyalty. Loyal customer will repeat their purchase of the company’s product and services which in turn will increase the sales of the products / service and also the prot of the company.