Macau Consumer Council (CCM)

Macau Consumer Council was set up in 1988 with the aim of protecting consumer rights and promoting any measure necessary for the protection of those rights.

CCM’s major tasks are: to investigate and deal with consumer complaints and enquiries; to conduct research and testing about products which results are published in the monthly magazine ‘O Consumidor’; and to carry out educational work. In recent years, CCM has been actively involved in helping traders establish appropriate codes of practice for their business. Through enhancing industry self-regulation and strengthening their interest for consumer protection, CCM has built effective consumer protection.

To voice its opinion regarding consumer protection policies defined by the
Administration. To co-operate with organizations of a similar nature in fostering consumer rights protection, mainly through mentoring and guidance to the public.

Av. Horta e Costa,
N.º 24-A, Edf.
Cheung Heng, R/C

Tel: +853 8988 9315
Fax: +853 2830 7816