Consumer Rights Protection Centre of Republic of Latvia (CRPC)

The Consumer Rights Protection Centre (CRPC) was created in March 1998 to replace the defunct Trade and Service Control Centre.

Main functions of CRPC are:

  • To supervise trade of non-food products such as medical products, medicines, veterinary medicnes and so on.
  • To handle consumer complaints on violations of consumer rights.
  • To provide legal advice for consumers in consumer rights.
  • To monitor the consumer rights in draft contracts and agreements between consumer and producer or seller and service render.
  • To supervise correctness of weight and measure of food and non-food products.
  • To supervise measuring equipment conformity to requirements of laws and regulations, to supervise metrological control of pre-packed goods.

Brivibas street 55,
Latvia, LV-1010

Tel: +371 6 738 8622 / +371 6 738 8634
Fax: +371 6 738 8634