Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users (ASPEC)

ASPEC is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation established to promote and defend the rights of consumers in Peru.
Its main activities are:

  • To inform and educate consumers.
  • To denounce abuses in the marketplace and take legal action whenever required.
  • To campaign to raise the awareness of Peruvian consumers on a wide range of issues such as food, labelling, false advertising and public utilities.


  • Oversees the accuracy of the information provided by the market.
  • Educate and inform consumers.
  • Ensures the issues of health and safety of consumers.
  • Promotes respect for market rules.
  • Promote responsible behavior to the environment.
  • Oversees the delivery of public services.
  • Defend the users of public transportation.
  • Proposes standards.
  • Represents consumers.

Avenida Jose Ramirez Gston 151
Miraflores. Lima Perú

Tel: +511 222 5000 / +511 271 8000
Fax: +511 222 8687