National Consumers League

The National Consumers League, founded in 1891, is an American consumer organization. The National Consumers League is a private, nonprofit advocacy group representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues. The NCL provides government, businesses, and other organizations with the consumer’s perspective on concerns including child labor, privacy, food safety, and medication information.

The National Consumers League was chartered in 1899 by social reformers Jane Addams and Josephine Lowell. Its first general secretary was Florence Kelley. Under Kelley’s direction, the League’s early focus was to oppose the harsh, unregulated working conditions many Americans were forced to endure.

The founding principles of the NCL are: “That the working conditions we accept for our fellow citizens should be reflected by our purchases, and that consumers should demand safety and reliability from the goods and services they buy.” The league’s focus continues to be to promote a fair marketplace for workers and consumers.

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