Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was created on September 26, 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Trade Commission Act into law.

The FTC is a bipartisan federal agency with a unique dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition. For one hundred years, Collegial and consensus-driven agency of FTC has championed the interests of American consumers. As we begin the second century, the FTC is dedicated to advancing consumer interests while encouraging innovation and competition in dynamic economy.

The FTC protects consumers by stopping unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. FTC conduct investigations, sue companies and people that violate the law, develop rules to ensure a vibrant marketplace, and educate consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities. FTC collect complaints about hundreds of issues from data security and deceptive advertising to identity theft and make them available to law enforcement agencies worldwide for follow-up.

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