Nov 4, 2019

WEN Ecosystem Consensus Conference 2019


WCA is one of the cooperation partners of World Blockchain Technology and Fintech Foundation (WBTFF) and it was co-organized WEN ECOSYSTEM CONSENSUS CONFERENCE 2019 with WBTFF in Phuket, on November 1, 2019.

WBTFF is leading the realization that in a digital, consumer-driven economy, speed and agility will be key determinants of success, as change continues to accelerate, forge, quick decision making and strong Execution will be at the heart of future business strategies. It focuses on assisting blockchain companies and project development in various countries and regions around the world, incubating and helping blockchain companies to develop more comprehensively.

WCA has reached a consensus with WEN Ecosystem which created by WBTFF and work together to create a consumer platform that brings benefits and protection for consumers in the aspects of advanced finance technology, safe consumption and high protection. Beside, the cooperation also brings more business opportunities in developing a properous economy.

In advancing the integration of the real economy and the digital economy, advantages of the cooperation will bring great complementation to each other and will putting a powerful force for the healthy development and operation of the ecosystem.