Award Nomination Procedures

Now Accepting Nominations for 2015

WORLD CONSUMERS’ TRUSTY BRAND AWARD is a certification system under Worldwide Consumers’ Association (WCA) , opening to organization or personnel all over the world and of any sizes. We hope that a trustful and reliant rapport between the collective entities and consumers will be built. In dealing with this, WCA, the top organization dealing with worldwide consumer matters setting a rigorous verification system to recognize and promote the brand of candidates who applied for the award. We hope to see a harmony and a flourish world together we develop and grow. Please follow these nomination procedures exactly. Failure to follow submission guidelines outlined here will result in elimination from the competition.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations :

  • 2015 WORLD CONSUMERS’ TRUSTY BRAND AWARD nominations are due 30th June 2015. Any submissions received after this date may be considered for the following year.
  • Nominator (person submitting a nomination): A non-member, another WCA member, or the nominee may submit a nomination through this process.
  • Nominee (person being nominated): WCA members being nominated are limited to one entry for each category to a maximum of three (3) different categories. When more than 3 nominations are received for one WCA member, only the first 3 submissions received are selected for evaluation.


  • Both the Nominator and Nominee grant the right to disclose the complete nomination submission to judges for evaluation.
  • If all or part of a submission is to be published widely for marketing and/or educational purposes, WCA will request prior approval from the Nominee.


  • If the Nominator is nominating another WCA member, he/she must have the approval of the Nominee prior to completing the submission. Nominators will be asked to confirm that they have notified the Nominee by supplying the Nominee’s particulars as part of the submission process.
  • The Nominator must also obtain prior approval from any persons who are named in the nomination.


  • Nominations are evaluated by an independent Award Committee. Judges volunteer their time and expertise to the process.
  • WCA awards committees selects each award winner based upon the most stringent industry standards. To ensure impartiality in judging.
  • To ascertain a fair and equitable process, WCA awards committees abstain from evaluating any categories where they themselves are nominated, or if they are unable to be impartial for any other reason.
  • All information must with significant structural, spelling, and/or grammatical errors are disqualified.
  • Upon judging, if there are no suitable entries for a specific category, there will be no winner awarded for that category.

Submission Procedure

Only WCA members can be nominated. If you are a Professional Advisor or Honorary member, you may nominate yourself. You may complete one entry per category for a maximum of three (3) different categories.

Submission Checklist

  • Create a 500-word statement. Include the Nominee’s name on the submission and explain in detail the reason for the nomination. Include any hyperlinks to supporting information.
  • Compile any supporting documents (resume sample/work product/endorsement letters etc.) For resume samples, replace the candidate’s name and contact information with that of the Nominee.
  • Create one (1) .pdf file to upload including both of the following (a) 500-word statement. (b) Resume sample or other supporting documents.
  • Complete the Confirmation of Participation form for each submission.
  • Submit your information no later than July 1, 2015 to be eligible for the 2015 CPC Awards of Excellence program. Any submissions received after this date may be considered for the following year.