Annual General Meeting

The AGM, composed of delegates appointed by the consumer associations of member countries, is the highest governing and decision making body for the InterCO, it authorizes the executive committee to manage the InterCO and the committee members are elected by the members every four years. As INTERCO’s supreme governing body, it meets once a year and takes all the major decisions effecting general policy, the resources needed for international cooperation, working methods, finances and programmers of activities.

Executive Committee

Elected by the General Meeting, the Executive Committee has 13 members comprising the President of the Organization, one deputy president, one secretary-general, three Vice-Presidents and seven Delegates. The President is elected for four years.

Command and Supervision Committee

Assigned by the Executive Committee, the Command and Supervision Committee is the planning and supervision body of InterCO. It handles the intelligence gathering, command ordering, and enforcement planning. The committee structure is as below:

  1. One Secretary-General
  2. Three Secretary-In-Charges
  3. Seven Regional Secretaries

Action Committee

The Action Committee is the enforcement and action body of InterCO. It complies with the standard command of CSC and makes the necessary actions and moves. The committee structure is as below:

  1. One General Commander
  2. Four Vice Commanders
  3. Ten Commanders

Regional Unit

Appointed by the headquarters, the regional units are internationally set up to handle the regional affairs. It has regional president, regional secretary and regional staff.



What is InterCO

International Consumer Intelligence Unit (InterCO) founded in May 2015, is an
enforcement unit of Worldwide Consumers’ Association(WCA).[…]



Annual General Meeting, Executive Committee, Command and Supervision Committee,
Action Committee, Regional Unit […]


Main Functions

Research, Data, Intelligence, Enforcement, Diplomacy […]



1. Help bridging the member country to liaise with international consumer fraud and crime affairs. 2. InterCO will release “WCA INTERCO order” to inform regional unit for further action. […]