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  1. Strengthen the Friendship & Goodwill Cooperation among Members of the Organization, in order to promote the General Welfare for its Members of the Organization as well as General Public as to create a Win Win Situation between the Member of the Organization and General Public.
  2. To Cooperate & Assist the Government and its Agencies in implementing the National Policies , particularly involving the Innovation of Green Field Technology in order to boost the Country Economic Development further together with the involvement of Private Sector as to achieve the Same Goal .
  3. Increase Awareness of Green Field Technology Innovation within the Society, in order to improve the Socio-Economic Status of the Local Population with the use and implementation of Green Field Technology.
  4. Encourage the Innovation of Green Field Technologies in the Transport Sector and Fuels Consumption that can helps reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions ( GHG ) for Environmental Conservation.
  5. Encourage the Application of Green Field Technologies in the Power Generator Industry & Sector , applying the use of Green Field Energy sources that are renewable within the Construction Sector as well as Construction Materials that are Energy-Efficient to maximize the used of Natural Resources .
  6. The Rights to Own Property & Assets for the purpose of Utilization and Benefit to the Establishment, with Approval from the General Meetings as well as subject to the Written Permission of Certain Authorities( if applicable).


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