Member Benefits


Liaising with Malaysian government departments:

  • The foundation will be in charge the task of bridging, communication and coordination on member behalf with the government departments whenever members need the service.
  • The foundation will be in charge the task of negotiation and application for the members that need to apply or appeal for the government business licenses.
  • The foundation will be helping members to liaise with the government department for worker permit or human resource matters.

Legal Advices:

  • The foundation will assign legal advisor to consult members for related legal matters upon request.

Business Co-operation

  • The foundation will give legal advices upon request by members who have encountered business matters, e.g.: unfair trading, contract dispute, in order to help members facilitating business with their suppliers and manufacturers.

Fund Transfer and Financing

  • The foundation will give assistance upon request by members who has encountered financing problems, such as borrowings, apply government grants and international fund transfer.

In conclusion, the foundation will help members liaise with certain parties, e.g. suppliers, government-linked-company, and government departments, to pursue the followings:

  • Revamp business model
  • Introduction of new technology and machinery
  • Create business opportunities
  • Generate rich income
  • Increase sources of income
  • Consolidate cash flow


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