Uganda Consumers Protection Association (UCPA)


Uganda Consumers Protection Association (UCPA) was established in 1993 and has over 200 individual supporters and two institutional members. The association is engaged in policy advocacy for an environment that enables consumers to exercise their rights by influencing business practices and regulatory activities. Its main activities are: food and nutrition rights; fair trade in goods and services and effective regulatory conduct.

In the next three years UCPA will be focussing on food and nutrition campaigns and on consumer rights to access clean water and will lobby for the enactment of a consumer protection law.

Uganda Consumers’ Protection Association (UCPA) has established a Financial Services Consumer Relations Hub. The purpose of the Hub is to serve as an independent clearing house for consumer complaints related to financial services in general and Microfinance in particular.

9 K’la Rd,
P. O. Box 2422, Kampala

Tel: +256 41 234 002 / +256 77 883 434
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